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Kyoto CityPrivate Japanese House RentalsMACHIYA RESIDENCE INN Kyoto

Our Japanese holiday house rentals are self-catering accommodations designed for you to immerse yourself in local life for a truly unique experience. Located throughout Kyoto city, each of our 50+ private machiya accommodations (vacation rentals) have been carefully renovated to maintain its traditional Japanese design, whilst updated with modern facilities for comfort. Our friendly English & Japanese-speaking guests services staff are just a phone call away, and available to assist 24 hours a day. MACHIYA RESIDENCE INN Kyoto is perfect for couples, families, groups of friends, short and long-term stays, and everything in between.

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Kanazawa City (Isikawa)Private Japanese House RentalsMACHIYA RESIDENCE INN KANAZAWA

The Luxury of a Home Away from Home. With 17 private Japanese house rentals spread throughout Kanazawa City, choose the perfect machiya holiday house (vacation rentals) that best fits into your travel needs. Each of our machiya accommodations have been carefully renovated to maintain the traditional design, while updated to meet the modern needs of our guests. Rent out an entire Japanese townhouse and experience life as a local, the abundance of attractions and sightseeing locations, and discover beloved neighborhood restaurants, hidden specialty shops, and more. Take this opportunity to immerse yourself in our cities and culture!

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Kyoto CityJapanese-style Boutique HotelsTHE MACHIYA EBISUYA

A ‘Design Machiya Hotel' located in the heart of Kyoto. THE MACHIYA EBISUYA hotel is situated in downtown Kyoto, within walking distance to Kyoto’s famous Gion area, Nishiki Market, Shijo Shopping area, and more. We invite you to stay in one of our 30 ensuite rooms, which showcase vibrant & rich designs, and an original machiya-inspired artwork. Choose to stay in a Japanese or Western-style suite, rooms with kitchens, connecting rooms, and more for an experience that unites traditions to the modern world.

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Kyoto CityJapanese-style Boutique HotelsTHE MACHIYA KAMIUMEYA

Surround yourself in history during your stay at our boutique hotel, THE MACHIYA KAMIUMEYA. Located in the historical Higashiyama area of Kyoto, wander the streets of Gojo-zaka and discover the history hidden behind the walls of Sanjusangendo Temple, and more. Designed with a combination of natural and traditional Japanese materials, and exquisite artwork, THE MACHIYA KAMIUMEYA is a boutique hotel that plays to your senses.

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Kyoto CityJapanese-style Boutique HotelsTHE MACHIYA KAZAHAYA

Kyoto is a city home to art, history, and culture. A convergence of the distinct Kyoto-esque culture, historical architecture, and unique townscape. Within the heart of this townscape is where you'll find THE MACHIYA KAZAHAYA Hotel. A traditional space that captures the city’s essence, aesthetics, and spirited motion, choose to stay in one of 6 private ensuite rooms. You'll find rooms perfect for solo travelers or those traveling as a pair. We even have kitchen-incuded suites that feature both a western-style room and traditional Japanese tatami room.

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Kanazawa City (Ishikawa)Japanese-style Boutique HotelsSAIK

A fresh take on traditional and contemporary design. SAIK is a boutique hotel located a short walk from the historical Nishi Chaya Tea District, and offers 4 private rooms to choose from. Each stylish room features a private bathroom, and a piece of Kanazawa history. Relax in the 1F the first floor, discover local favorites, explore historical sites, and taste the culture of Kanazawa. On-site facilities include: kitchen, washing machine with dryer function, and more.

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Kanazawa City (Ishikawa)Japanese-style Boutique HotelsUTAIMACHI

Located in the heart of the Higashi Chaya Tea District and tucked away in a quiet side street amongst rows of traditional, wooden machiya architecture, is UTAIMACHI. A boutique Japanese-style hotel with 3 exclusive suites, choose to stay on the 1F suite with a view of a Japanese garden, or the 2F where you can wake up to a view of the Higashi Chaya Tea District. Every reservation comes with breakfast made with local specialties and seasonal ingredients.

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Takayama City (Gifu)Japanese-style Boutique HotelsTHE MACHIYA HOTEL TAKAYAMA

THE MACHIYA HOTEL TAKAYAMA is a traditional Japanese machiya architecture, which has been renovated & transformed into a boutique hotel. Placing emphasis on Takayama's distinctive characteristics, rooms feature original artwork that reflect the city's rich culture. THE MACHIYA HOTEL TAKAYAMA has been designed to provide a relaxing & comfortable environment, while preserving the charm of the traditional Japanese architecture.

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