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From 1 Traditional Japanese House

MACHIYA INNS & HOTEL's story began with the preservation of one traditional Japanese ‘machiya’ house in 2010 in Kyoto city, Japan.

As locals living in Kyoto city, we have the privilege of living within a beautiful city dotted with machiya (traditional Japanese wooden townhouses). We soon realized that it wasn't just us locals who loved machiya architecture. Whenever we would run into travelers from around the world, we would constantly be asked about the history behind the machiya.

However, over the years, we noticed that many of these ‘machiya’ architecture were left uninhabited and abandoned, leading to their eventual demolition and the slow change in Kyoto’s townscape.

Did you know that there are approximately 40,000 machiya architecture left in Kyoto city? Of the 40,000 architecture, approximately 5,800 machiya are currently abandoned. Every year, roughly 800 machiya architecture are demolished, which adds up to at least 2 machiya being demolished per day.*

*From the 2016 "Kyomachiya Town Planning Survey Follow-up Survey"(「京町家まちづくり調査追跡調査」)
  • Kyoto TownscapeKyoto's Historical Townscape
  • ‘Kohaku-an’ Machiya HouseKyoto's Traditional Japanese Machiya Houses
  • Before the renovation of a Japanese machiya houseInterior - Before Renovations

As we wanted to do our part in preserving these Japanese machiya houses, we decided to combine our knowledge of Japanese architecture, love of travel, and love of sharing Japan's history to form MACHIYA RESIDENCE INN. Under the MACHIYA RESIDENCE INN accommodation brand, we started what very few others were doing at the time. We renovated a charming two-story Japanese house that would be transformed into our very first private holiday house accommodation. Located near Kyoto's famous Tofukuji Temple, we welcomed our very first guests to stay our machiya accommodation in 2010! (Take a look at our very first machiya accommodation here!)

It was the perfect way to not only preserve a bit of Japan's history, but a way for both domestic travelers and travelers from around the world to experience a fascinating part of Japan.

  • After the renovation of a Japanese machiya houseInterior - After Renovations
  • After the renovation of a Japanese machiya houseExterior - After Renovations
  • Kyoto TownscapeKyoto's Historical Townscape


In addition to private holiday house rentals, we have also transformed larger machiya architecture into boutique hotels. Together, these machiya accommodation styles make up MACHIYA INNS & HOTELS. We are proud to say that as of 2022, MACHIYA INNS & HOTELS has helped to preserve and renovate over 100 Japanese machiya architecture in 3 different cities in Japan: Kyoto, Kanazawa, and Takayama! And of the 100, approximately 80 have been transformed into accommodations that you can experience a stay in.

  • KyotoKyoto
  • KanazawaKanazawa
  • TakayamaTakayama

From our private holiday house rentals, to boutique machiya hotels, your stay with MACHIYA INNS & HOTELS is a stay that helps to preserve historical townscapes of cities throughout Japan. We hope that your stay with MACHIYA INNS & HOTELS is not just a typical stay, but a memorable experience where you can immerse yourself in local life, and admire Japan’s history and culture even more!

Accommodation Brands

  • Private Japanese House RentalsMACHIYA RESIDENCE INN
  • Japanese-style Boutique HotelsTHE MACHIYA HOTELS
MACHIYA RESIDENCE INNPrivate Japanese Holiday House Rentals

Rent an entire private ‘machiya’ holiday house (vacation rental) for a uniquely Japanese experience. Choose from more than 70 renovated, traditional Japanese homes in locations throughout Kyoto and Kanazawa, Japan. Each of our machiya holiday homes have been updated with modern comforts while still maintaining its traditional charm. These are perfect for groups of family & friends, short or long-term stays, special occasion trips and more.

Explore our Holiday Homes

THE MACHIYA HOTELSJapanese-style Boutique Hotels

Stay in our rooms at our boutique ‘machiya’ hotels located in Kyoto, Kanazawa, and Takayama, Japan. We’ve renovated traditional Japanese wooden architecture (machiya) to transform them into boutique hotels that showcase traditional Japanese architectural designs for an experience different from the rest. Our boutique machiya hotels are perfect for solo travelers, trips with friends & partners, group trips when you’d like to reserve several rooms, and more.

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