About us

About us

MACHIYA INNS & HOTELS offers travelers a chance to create an unforgettable trip in Japan by transforming your stay into a memorable experience. From couples, families, to groups of friends, choose to stay in a traditional Japanese house, traditional inn, boutique hotel, conceptual ryokan, and more to find an accommodation that best fits your travel needs.

Our accommodations are centrally located, with convenient access to sightseeing attractions, local neighborhoods, shops, restaurants and more. These beautifully renovated traditional properties have been updated to meet the needs of the modern guest. With wifi access, updated facilities, bathroom amenities, and more, each accommodation is equipped to accommodate the needs of both short-term to long-term stays.

Take this perfect opportunity to fully immerse yourself within our city and culture.

Each property is licensed to operate under the Hotel Business License Law.


Rent an entire traditional machiya house for a uniquely Japanese experience. A private vacation home just for you.


Stay in a boutique machiya accommodation featuring striking Japanese architectural design for an experience different from the rest.


Experience personalized guest services in our modern, Japanese-style design hotel. Add a sophisticated touch to your travels.


Easily immerse yourself in local life and the machiya experience, whilst you explore Japan to its fullest.