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  • Kyoto
    Machiya Residence Inn Kyoto


    Explore everything Kyoto city has to offer while wearing a traditional Japanese kimono or yukata. Our kimono-styling expert will meet you at your machiya house to dress you in an authentic, traditional kimono or yukata! Choose from a variety of different styles and colors. Each rental plan includes a kimono/yukata rental, hair styling, and kimono fitting.

    Single Plan: 8,800 yen
    / per person (tax incl.)

    Pair Plan: 14,300 yen
    / for 2 guests (tax incl.)

    Children’s Plan: 4,400 yen
    / per person (tax incl.)

  • Kyoto
    Machiya Residence Inn Kyoto

    A private walking tour of Gion exclusive for our guests.

    Starting at your machiya house, this 1-hour private tour will take you on a relaxing walk through Gion, Kenninji Temple, Ebisu Shrine, and more to showcase a side of this city that you won't discover in any guidebook.

    1 ~ 4 Guests: 16,000 yen
    / per group (tax included)

    5 Guests: 20,000 yen
    / per group (tax included)

    6 Guests: 24,000 yen
    / per group (tax included)

    After tour Drink Ticket included! Each guest will receive a 1 Free drink ticket

    *the ticket can be exchanged for 1 cup of: coffee, juice, and more

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Reservations are available 6 months ~ 1 year in advance depending on the accommodation.

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