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Earn Machiya Points and make your next stay
even more special

Stay, Earn, & Redeem your Machiya Points!
Join the MACHIYA INNS & HOTELS Machiya Points Program for special offers, earn points to use towards your next stay, and more. Machiya Points can be earned when making a reservation via our official website.

All members earn 1 Machiya Point for every 100 yen spent.
Use your Machiya Points toward any future stay with MACHIYA INNS & HOTELS in Kyoto, Kanazawa, and Takayama, Japan!


Earn Machiya Points every time you make a reservation via the official MACHIYA INNS & HOTELS website, and use them towards future stays! Machiya Points can be used at any of MACHIYA INNS & HOTELS accommodations in Kyoto, Kanazawa, and Takayama, Japan!
*Reservations must be made via accommodation plans that indicate 'Points Can Be Earned' in order to earn Machiya Points


For example, you can use the points earned from a business trip and use it towards your next family trip. Or, stay at our boutique machiya hotel in Kyoto, and use your points when renting an entire private holiday house in Kanazawa next! Whether you are visiting Kyoto, Kanazawa, or Takayama, Japan, you’ll be able to earn points with every stay.

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Whether you stay at a private machiya holiday house rental, or a boutique machiya hotel, Machiya Points can be used at all MACHIYA INNS & HOTELS accommodations in Kyoto, Kanazawa, and Takayama.

Mail Magazine

1 point = 1 yen.
You can not only redeem your Machiya Points towards your accommodation fee, but also to add on options such as breakfast, cooking set (mini seasoning set), and more!


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Opt into our monthly newsletter, and we’ll let you in on exclusive campaigns & special plans. Earn more Machiya Points before your next trip to Japan, and make your stay even more memorable!

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We'll send you the latest news from Japan with machiya accommodation previews, special offers, MACHIYA INNS & HOTELS staff local recommendations, and more. Look out for exclusive newsletter offers in the future, too! ※Sign up for our newsletter when you register your "Machiya Point" account, or from "My Page" after you have logged in.


Q.When will the Machiya Points be awarded?
A.Machiya Points will be awarded to your account 2 days after check-out. You can check the number of points you have on your account once you have logged into the 'My Page'.
Q.How can I earn Machiya Points?
A. There are a number of ways you can earn Machiya Points. Machiya Points will be awarded for accommodation reservations made via any of our official MACHIYA INNS & HOTELS accommodation websites.
(Please note that Machiya Points can only be awarded to those who have made a booking on our official website while logged in to their Machiya Points Membership account.).
Machiya Points can also be earned via various giveaways, campaigns, and exclusive offers. Please take a look at our official Social Media accounts, and Official Websites for information regarding ongoing giveaways, campaigns, and offers.

*Additional Notes: Not all reservation plans will award Machiya Points. Please confirm the information of each accommodation plan for details. Reservations made as a guest (non-member), by phone, or via e-mail are not eligible to earn Machiya Points.
Q.Why haven't I received any Machiy Points even though I registered as a Machiya Points member?
A. When you register as a Machiya Points Member, a URL to complete the registration will be sent to you by email after you have entered your information. Accessing this URL will complete the registration (the URL is valid for 24 hours only).
If you have not clicked on the URL, your registration will not complete, and will be categorized as “pre-registration”

Please note that only registered members can receive and use points, and guest bookings are not eligible for points.
Q.What happens to my Machiya Points if I cancel my membership?
A.All Machiya Points will be forfeited when you cancel your membership. Please note that we cannot cancel your withdrawal or re-grant you your Machiya Points.
Q.How long are points valid for?
A. Machiya Points are valid for one (1) year from the date they are granted.
Points will automatically expire after the expiration date.

Points granted on June 1, 2022 will expire on June 1, 2023.
Points granted on February 29, 2024 will expire on February 28, 2025.

Terms & Conditions

The Terms and Conditions for the Machiya Points Reward Program (hereinafter referred to as the "Terms and Conditions") sets forth the terms and conditions for the use of points granted for accommodation with MACHIYA INNS & HOTELS operated by AJ INTERBRIDGE INC. (hereinafter referred to as "the Company").

Article 1 (The Machiya Points System)
The Machiya Points System (hereinafter referred to as the "System") is a system under which MACHIYA INNS & HOTELS provides Machiya Points (hereinafter referred to as "Points") and other benefits to those eligible for the System (hereinafter referred to as "Members") in accordance with these Terms and Conditions. This system is implemented and operated in accordance with the Terms and Conditions and other terms and conditions separately stipulated by the organizer (hereinafter referred to as "Individual Terms and Conditions"; the Terms and Conditions and Individual Terms and Conditions together are hereinafter referred to as "System Terms and Conditions"). In the event of any conflict between these Terms and Conditions and the Individual Terms and Conditions, the Individual Terms and Conditions shall prevail.
Article 2 (Membership)
A member is defined as a person who has registered as a member on the MACHIYA INNS & HOTELS official reservation website. Members shall abide by the terms and conditions of this service.
Article 3 ( Granting and Collection of Points)
  1. 《Benefits of Collecting Machiya Points》
    The Organizer may grant Machiya Points to members who meet conditions separately specified by the Organizer. In such cases, the terms and conditions of the points awarded will be stated on the website of the service operated by the Organizer, a company collaborating with the Organizer, or a point exchange partner, as well as in the terms and conditions of this system.
  2. 《Point Awarding Method and Point Expiration》
    Points will be issued and granted to each Machiya Points member separately by MACHIYA INNS & HOTELS based on the "Membership Terms and Conditions". There is no upper limit to the number of points a member can hold.
    Points for which the Member is eligible to receive will be awarded and transferred on or after the second day following the check-out date from a MACHIYA INNS & HOTELS accommodation.
    Points will be awarded for the total reservation amount (excluding "consumption tax" and "bath tax") for accommodation plans at MACHIYA INNS & HOTELS. Points may or may not be awarded depending on the accommodation plan. Please check the detailed information of each accommodation plan for details. Reservations made as a "guest (non-member)" or via telephone or e-mail are not eligible.
  3. 《Cancellation of Point Allocation》
    In the event that a member falls under any of the following categories, the Company may cancel the point allocation to the member in question, and may forfeit all or part of the points held by the member in question.
    1. If a member loses his/her membership for any reason.
    2. When a member violates the Membership Agreement or any of its associated terms and conditions.
    3. When it is suspected that the member has received points by fraudulent means.
    If a cancellation fee is incurred due to cancellation of a reservation, points will not be awarded for the cancellation fee.
    In addition, if there is a change in the reservation amount, points will be changed according to the changed amount.
    Points will be awarded only when the facility has been used. If we are unable to confirm that you have checked into a MACHIYA INNS & HOTELS accommodation, we may request that the points be deducted from your account.
  4. 《Validity Period of Points》
    The period of time from the date points become available for use until the date the points expire (hereinafter referred to as "validity period") shall be one year from the date that the points are granted.
    Example: Points valid from 2020/02/29 until "1 year later" expiration date: 2021/2/28
    If "1 year later" is a date that does not exist, the expiration date will be the last day of the month in question. Points that have surpassed the validity period will automatically expire.
  5. 《Point Inquiry》
    Members may inquire about the number of points they have on the organizer's website.
  6. 《Transfer of points》
    Points are not exchangeable for cash under any circumstances.
Article 4 (Use of Points)
  1. 《Points Unit》
    Points may be used in accordance with the unit of use determined by the Company.
    Points are equivalent to 1 yen per point and can be used to cover the total amount or a portion of the accommodation fee (including tax). In this case, the detailed conditions shall be in accordance with the conditions set at the time of point use, on the organizer's designated website, or in any other manner determined by the organizer. Members may not withdraw their request to use points.
    If a transaction using points is canceled due to reasons not attributable to the member, the organizer will take action such as returning the points to the member in a manner determined separately by the organizer. Points will not be returned in the event of a cancellation for reasons attributable to the member's convenience.
  2. 《Suspension of points》
    If a member is found to be in arrears in the payment of fees to the organizer, the company may, at its own discretion, suspend the use of points by the member.
Article 5 (MACHIYA INNS & HOTELS Newsletter)
The organizer will send out email newsletters (hereinafter referred to as "e-newsletters") to members who have registered to receive such newsletters (hereinafter referred to as "e-mail newsletter members").
The terms and conditions for the distribution of the mail magazine are as follows.
  1. The newsletter will be sent to MACHIYA INNS & HOTELS members who have requested to receive the mail magazine.
  2. If a MACHIYA INNS & HOTELS member wishes to unsubscribe from the MACHIYA INNS & HOTELS newsletter, the member shall follow the procedures for unsubscribing as specified by the organizer.
  3. Newsletter members shall use the information contained in the newsletter at their own risk and shall be responsible for the results of their use.
  4. Newsletter members are responsible for communication charges related to receiving the mail magazine.
Article 6 (Admission fee and annual membership fee)
There is no admission fee or annual membership fee for this system.
Article 7 (Handling of Member Information)
The information that the organizer obtains from members when providing this system and the purposes for which it is used shall be in accordance with the "Privacy Policy" set forth by the organizer.
Article 8 (Forfeit of Membership)
If a member falls under any of the following, the membership will be forfeited. If a member loses their membership, all points held by the member at that time shall be forfeited.
  1. False information is declared at the time of membership.
  2. If the organizer deems the member to be ineligible for membership, such as when the member has violated the Terms of Use.
Article 9 (Modification and Termination of this System, etc.)
When deemed necessary, the organizer may change the contents of this system or the terms and conditions of this system by posting such changes on the website designated by the organizer. In such cases, the organizer shall apply the changed terms and conditions. The System may be suspended or terminated in whole or in part by giving prior notice or by making such suspension or termination known to the public. However, without prior notice or announcement, the organizer may suspend or discontinue provision of this system due to maintenance work, system restoration, force majeure such as power outages or natural disasters, or other unavoidable reasons.
The organizer may modify these Terms of Use when such modification becomes reasonably necessary. In such a case, the contents of the System or the terms and conditions of provision of the System shall be governed by the amended Terms of Use.
Article 10 (Matters stipulated by laws and regulations)
Matters stipulated by laws and regulations regarding the provision or use of this system shall be governed by such laws and regulations.
Article 11 (Governing Law, etc.)
The laws governing this system shall be the laws of Japan. In the event of any dispute arising in connection with this Agreement, the court having jurisdiction over the location of the organizer's head office shall be the court of exclusive jurisdiction.

Supplementary Provisions: These Terms and Conditions shall be effective as of April 1, 2022.

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