At THE MACHIYA HOTEL TAKAYAMA, we’ll introduce to you local products we’ve discovered around Takayama and have loved.
Enjoy our tea lounge featuring a selecton of locally sourced Japanese tea, sip a cup of sake from tradtional Japanese breweries in the neighborhood, or rejuvenate with our organic bath amenities. You can also relax in one of 2 private Japanese 'kashikiriburo' baths where you will be able to feel the nature of Hida Takayama first hand through 'hinoki' cypress wood grown locally.

While staying with us at THE MACHIYA HOTEL TAKAYAMA, enjoy all that Takayama has to offer while supporting local.

Private Japanese 'Kashikiriburo' BathPrivate Japanese 'Kashikiriburo' Bath

Take a moment to relax
as you surround yourself in the scent of hinoki wood

In addition to the bathrooms in every guest room,
THE MACHIYA HOTEL TAKAYAMA has 2 special private Japanese baths available only by reservation.

  • Private Japanese 'Kashikiriburo' Bath
  • Private Japanese 'Kashikiriburo' Bath

The first private bath is enveloped in local 'hinoki' cypress wood from the Takayama region.
Relax as you look out of the large window overlooking the 'tsuboniwa' garden.
This airy and bright private bath will have you enjoying the feeling of an outdoor bath in the forest.

The second private bath is reminiscent of the Hida Great Limestone Cave.
Enjoy a soak in this 'doukutsu', or cave, bath and relax your body as you imagine yourself in a natural cavern.

Both privates baths are spacious, with plenty of space to stretch your legs and rejuvenate your body and mind.
Aromatic 'hinoki' cypress wood balls float in both bathtubs, creating a relaxing atmosphere for you to enjoy.
You will find chairs and washbasins made out of 'sawara' wood, as well as bath amenities made locally in Gifu.
Gentle on both people and the environment, relax as the soothing 'hinoki' wood scent of the shampoo, conditioner, and body soap brings to mind the nature of Takayama

The private Japanese baths are availble by reservation only. Each reservation is for 60 minutes, at 2,000 yen per person (tax included).

Hours of Use

Hinoki Bath
15:00- / 16:30- / 18:00- / 19:30- / 21:00-
Dokutsu Bath
15:30- / 17:00- / 18:30- / 20:00- / 21:30-

*Please note that infants are not permitted to use the baths.

For our guests who have reserved a private Japanese 'kashikiriburo' bath.
Enjoy a luxurious time with our specially prepared organic bath amenities, specialty drinks, and more.
  • kashikiriburoSpecialty Drink (Alcoholic or Non-Alcoholic)
    *Drink availability is subject to change
  • kashikiriburoNano Facial Steamer
  • kashikiriburoBluetooth Speaker
  • kashikiriburoDyson Hair Dryer
meet tree

A botanical cosmetic brand gentle to the planet and the peoplemeet tree

In our private 'kashikiriburo' baths at THE MACHIYA HOTEL TAKAYAMA, we have shampoo, conditioner, and body soap available from botanical cosmetic brand 'meet tree'. 'meet tree' was born from a lumber company with over 100 years of history. They are located in Nakatsgawa City in Gifu Prefecture, famous for the the 'kiso hinoki' cypress, one of Japan's 3 precious woods. All products at 'meet tree' are made with high-quality essential oils extracted from the leaves and branches of the 'kiso hinoki' cypress tree. The Gifu-based brand believes whole-heartedly that by using the power and bounty of nature in our daily lives, we will be abe to continue protecting and nuturing Japan's forest life.

Guests who reserve our private Japanese baths will also enjoy the following complimentary services:
- A specialty drink of your choice after your bath. All drinks have been made locally in Gifu Prefecture.
- Organic shampoo, conditioner and body soap made from natural ingredients produced in Gifu.
- Staff recommended organic skincare products.
- The latest beauty appliances, bluetooth speaker, and more!

Japanese Tea LoungeJapanese Tea Lounge

Enjoy the best of Takayama City.
Take a break in our Japanese tea lounge.
  • Japanese Tea Lounge
  • Japanese Tea Lounge

Sit back with a cup of relaxing Japanese tea.
We have prepared a selection of complimentary Japanese tea, available in the lounge on the first floor of THE MACHIYA HOTEL TAKAYAMA. The tea is made from tea leaves grown locally in the Gifu Prefecture. The special terrain and climate, characterized by frequent mists, here in the Gifu area allow tea plants to grow at a slower pace, resulting in a uniguely deep and fragrant flavor. At THE MACHIYA HOTEL TAKAYAMA, we support the local effort to spread the knowledge of GIfu's tea.
Take a break here in the heart of Hida Takayama while enjoying the view of the 'tsuboniwa' garden with a delicious cup of Japanese tea.

松風園 まつの茶舗

A tradtional Japanese tea shop with a long history in TakayamaJapanese Tea Shop
'Matsuno Chaho'

We offer a selection of tea in our lounge from 'Matsuno Chaho', a long-established tea shop in Takayama. 'Matsuno Chaho' is located in the heart of Hida Takayama, in the midst of Takayama's old town and the historic Takayama Jinya. They began as a salt merchant during the middle of the Meiji period (1862-1912), but began producing and selling Japanese tea in the early Showa period (1926-1989). Selecting only the very best tasting and most fragrant tea leaves from the Gifu prefecture as well as other regions, they have created special Japanese tea blends that can only be found in Takayama.

Giving back to Gifu's natureGiving back to Gifu's nature


Supporting Local Eco InitiativesG-Eco Fund

As part of our efforts to support global warming prevention activities, we donate a portion of our guests' accommodation fees to the Gifu Prefecture Global Warming Prevention Activity Support Fund (commonly known as the G-Eco Fund). The donation is used to organise various activities such as workshops and seminars on global warming prevention, publicity and other projects. Together withour guests, we'd like to help protect the beautiful nature of Hida Takayama with every stay at THE MACHIYA HOTEL TAKAYAMA.


now uses renewable energy throughout the hotel!Renewable Energy

THE MACHIYA HOTEL TAKAYAMA is now equipped with CO2-free electricty,
powered by “Gifu Seiryu Green Denki”.

“Gifu Seiryu Green Denki” is a renewable energy source derived from the abundant water resources of Gifu Prefecture, including the Hida and Nagara Rivers. The use of environmentally-friendly electricity not only reduces CO₂ emissions and supports the development of renewable energy, but contributes to sustainable efforts toward the realization of a “decarbonized society” in Gifu Prefecture. With your stay at THE MACHIYA HOTEL TAKAYAMA, you’ll also be helping our local community’s efforts of supporting local electricity production & consumption, too!