An interesting fusion of traditional Japanese, European, and Chinese design elements all in a Japanese Shinto shrine!

What is Oyama Shrine?

Although Oyama Jinjya, or Utatsu Hachimangu Shrine as it was called then, was established back in 1599, it was moved to its current location in 1873, where it was re-named Oyama Shrine. The Shrine is dedicated to the spirits of feudal lord Toshie Maeda and his wide, Omatsu. Oyama Shrine is today a symbol of Kanazawa with its distinct shrine gate. The gate was designed by a Dutch architect, reflecting not only Japanese, but also a mixture of European and Chinese design elements. This gate, while unpopular at first, has grown on the Kanazawa people with its unique design and beautiful Dutch-style stained glass windows.

There is also a beautiful garden, originally designed by Kobori Enshu, a famous gardener and architect. As the shrine is open all day, taking an early morning stroll through Oyama Shrine and the gardens would be an amazing start to a day of exploring Kanazawa City.

Local Travel Tips

While visiting Oyama Shrine, try to find a large rock with a depiction of Lady Omatsu, the wife of Lord Toshie Maeda, carved on it. She was known for her intelligence and diplomacy, but is also known for having a successful marriage with the feudal lord and of being immensely helpful to him during his reign of the area. Many locals as well, as Japanese tourists, will pray at Oyama Shrine and to this rock in particular for a happy marriage.

Access to Oyama Shrine

To reach Oyama Shrine from Kanazawa Station, take the Kanazawa Loop Bus to Minami-cho’ Bus Stop, then walk approximately 3mins. Be sure to check out nearby Omicho Market (only a 10 min walk!), Kenrokuen Garden, and Kanazawa Castle during your visit!

  Oyama Shrine
Address 11-1 Oyama-cho, Kanazawa, Ishikawa 920-0918
Google Map
Hours open 24hrs a day, year round

Where to Stay

For easy access to Oyama Shrine and the rest of Kanazawa City, we recommend staying at an accommodation in the heart of Kanazawa!


To truly experience the city of Kanazawa, we recommend staying at a traditional Japanese holiday house, or machiya.  With locations throughout Kanazawa City, you can choose the machiya house that best fits your travel needs. Each machiya accommodation has been carefully renovated to maintain the traditional design, while updated for modern comfort.


A fresh take on traditional and contemporary design, this accommodation has something for everyone.  Each stylish suite has a piece of Kanazawa history, and the tea lounge located on the first floor is perfect for relaxing after a long day of sightseeing. Located in a traditional teahouse district, SAIK offers the perfect starting point to discover the dynamic seaside city of Kanazawa.

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