Looking for the best hotel or accommodation in Kanazawa, Japan?

Are you planning a trip to Japan? Rather than staying in a typical hotel in Kanazawa, Japan, how about renting an entire traditional Japanese holiday house ?

Stay with us MACHIYA RESIDENCE INN during your time in Kanazawa, Japan with this exclusive early bird offer! Book your accommodation at least 60 days in advance and you’ll receive up to 30% off your stay when booking via our official website.

You won’t need an early bird discount code, but be sure to make a reservation via our “Advance Booking” room plan on our official website. Make your plans early so that you can travel stress free, and take advantage of our exclusive offer, too. 

Private Holiday House Rentals in Kanazawa, Japan

Offer Details


・Must book at least 60 days or more in advance.
・Reservations must be for 2 nights or more.
・Offer only available for certain machiya holiday homes, which are a part of MACHIYA RESIDENCE INN Kanazawa.
・Up to 2 children, 5 years of age and under (who will share a bedding with an adult), may stay free of charge.

*Additional terms & conditions will apply. Please check the details as listed in our room plan when making a booking via the official MACHIYA RESIDENCE INN website.

If you want to make plans for a special anniversary trip, birthday trip, enjoy the seasonal atmosphere, make your reservation now for a chance to stay at a traditional Japanese machiya holiday house (vacation rental) in Kanazawa city with a great offer.


*Check the terms & conditions of the room plan for more details. Cannot be combined with any other offers.

Private Holiday House Rental

Exclusive Website Offer
20% off your stay

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