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Hida Furukawa (Gifu, Japan)

A picturesque small riverside town just a short train ride from Hida Tayakama City.

Hida Furukawa is a smaller mountain town just a train ride away from Takayama City, Japan. Full of wooden historical buildings like the larger Hida Takayama, Hida Furukawa has distinct canal-lined streets that are full of koi, or carp. The mountain town is perfect for a calm stroll along the the rivers enjoying the traditional architecture and visiting quiet temples and museums.

Local Travel Tips

If you want to experience a Japanese matsuri, or festival, Hida Furukawa is host to the Furukawa Matsuri, taking place a week after the Sanno Matsuri, or Takayama Spring Festival, in Hida Takayama City. On October 16th, residents also stage the Kitsune-bi Matsuri, or Fox Fire Festival, at Okura Inari Shrine. Be sure to schedule your travels to coincide with the festivals to enjoy Hida Furukawa to the fullest!


Hida Furukawa is a 16-minute train ride from JR Takayama Station. Disembark at Hida Furukawa Station, and explore the picturesque small town!

Where to stay

Be sure to stay in an accommodation with great access to JR Takayama Station for all of your travel needs while visiting the Hida Takayama area!


The perfect mix of traditional and modern, this accommodation property near Takayama Old Town is just an 8-minute walk from JR Takayama Station.  Choose to stay in a western-style room or a Japanese tatami room complete with futon beds.  For groups, try the spacious loft rooms!


For a more luxurious stay in Takayama City, rather than a hotel, stay in a traditional machiya house!  Just a few steps from the historical Takayama Old Town, THE MACHIYA HANARE is a private Japanese holiday house available to one group per day.  Completely private, with a hinoki wood Japanese bathtub and modern kitchen, you’ll love the views from the liviing room and balconey! 

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