Located near some of Kanazawa's most historical gems

SAIK is located in an ideal neighborhood,
where you can explore everything from hidden gems to popular sightseeing attractions,
and local favorites. A short walk will easily take you to the Ninja Temple (Myoryuji),
and the historical streets of Nishi Chaya Tea District.
Walk through the city to discover the Nagamachi Samurai Districts,
or jump on the convenient Kanazawa city bus to visit Kenrokuen Garden,
21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art, and more!

Nishi Chaya Tea District (Nishi Chayagai)
Nishi Chaya Tea District (Nishi Chayagai) ©Kanazawa city.
Nishi Chaya Tea District (Nishi Chayagai)
Walk towards Nishi Chaya teahouse district to view traditional houses along the stone-cobbled path. The Nishi Chaya Tea District is one of 3 tea districts that still remain in Kanazawa city today. It is an area where geisha (traditional female entertainers) formely entertained patrons through song, dance, and games. You can still find the historical wooden architectured lining the street in the quiet and atmospheric neighborhood. We recommend stopping by to relax at a cafe, browse museums that allow a peek inside of the traditional wooden buildings, and more.
Myoryuji Temple (Ninja Temple)
Myoryuji Temple (Ninja Temple) ©Kanazawa city.
Myoryuji Temple (Ninja Temple)
Across the street from SAIK is the Ninjadera Temple, Kanazawa’s most mysterious and elaborate temple that will leave you in wonder. No cameras are allowed inside of the temple, which adds to the mysteriousness of this temple even more. Myoruji Temple offers guided tours and takes you through the temple hidden rooms, trap doors, and more. Although the tours are only in Japanese, you'll still have plent of fun taking part in this experience. Note that you'll need to make reservations to take part in this temple experience, so feel free to ask the SAIK staff for assistance in making reservations!
Downtown Kanazawa
Downtown Kanazawa
Kanazawa has a bustling downtown area known as Katamachi, where you'll find some of the best restaurant, bars, and eateries in the city. Whether you're looking for the best seafood in town, traditional Kanazawa cuisine, or a place for after-dinner drinks, ask the SAIK satff for our local favorites and recommendations in Kanazawa! Katamachi is just a short 7 minute walk - an area where restaurants line the Sai River and nightlife is rich.