Ever wonder what’s behind the doors of a traditional Japanese house in Kyoto? Join us on a (previously) live tour of MACHIYA RESIDENCE INN’s renovated traditional Japanese holiday house (also known as as ‘machiya’) in Kyoto, Japan.

We’ll take you on a mini tour around the Gion Shirakawa neighborhood and also a tour through of this 3 bedroom, 2 bath machiya holiday house. While this house has been renovated to meet the needs of our modern guests, we’ve maintained most of the original structure, and repurposed as much of its architectural elements to celebrate the history and heart of this traditional machiya house. Find out how you can rent this entire machiya house during your next trip to Kyoto city below!

(This is a previous live tour from our Instagram account: https://www.instagram.com/machiyajapan/)

Stay in a Traditional Japanese House (Vacation Rental)


If you would like to stay & rent out the traditional Japanese house featured in this virtual tour, take a look at the information below: 

‘Gion Shirakawa Kouki’ machiya holiday house

‘Gion Shirakawa Kouki’ is a traditional holiday house (vacation rental) located near the downtown Kyoto area of Sanjo and the Gion geiko-teahouse district.

Surround yourself in the beauty and refinement of traditional Japanese design. This Japanese-style house is inspired by one of Kyoto’s most famous landmarks: the Kamogawa River. Admire the river mural that extends towards the second floor skylight, which creates an open and calm atmosphere. From the azure washbasins, blue ‘washi’ walls in the bedroom, to the custom lighting made with repurposed wood from the Kamogawa River riverside restaurants – discover elements of the river throughout the house.

The traditional tea room, private inner garden, and more will offer you an authentic Japanese experience, while heated flooring, gorgeous bathroom and other modern comforts add a sense of luxury to your stay.

Whether you are traveling with a group of family & friends, or have an upcoming special trip planned, this traditional Japanese house is perfect for your next visit to Kyoto, Japan. Reserve this entire traditional machiya holiday house and experience the charm of an authentic machiya together.

Machiya House NameGion Shirakawa Kouki
GuestsUp to 7 Guests
LocationKyoto, Japan

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