It may seem strange that we tell our guests visiting or staying in Kanazawa to make sure they visit Kanazawa Station. A train station isn’t usually a place you’d think to go sightseeing or plan to spend a few hours unless you’re waiting for a train, but Kanazawa Station is so much more than a transport hub.

And no matter if you’re just passing through or doing a little sightseeing, the Kanazawa Station area is a great place to sample the local cuisine here in Kanazawa city. We’ve rounded up our top 7 picks of lunch spots to stop by while in and around the station.

Why visit Kanazawa Station?

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Kanazawa Station first opened in 1898, but don’t expect to see a shabby historic building. After a thorough renovation in 2005, Kanazawa Station is a prime example of contemporary Japanese architecture that combines traditional styles with ultra-modern ones. It’s an awe-inspiring contrast that has to be seen to be appreciated.

Two of Kanazawa Station’s most outstanding features are the Tsuzumi-mon Gate and the Motenashi Dome. The Tsuzumi-mon Gate dominates the east entrance to the station and its design is based on a traditional Japanese drum called the tsuzumi. Walk under the fourteen meter high wooden gate and you’ll be in a spacious plaza with a water garden that’s covered by the Motenashi Dome, which translates to the Hospitality Dome in Japanese. The dome, as well as being a decorative aluminum-framed construction that contains over three thousand panes of glass, also provides visitors with shelter from inclement weather.

The station has one main concourse and it’s there you’ll find the entrances to Kanazawa Station’s three shopping malls. Yes, you read that correctly. There are three malls in the station, the Anto, the Rinto and the Kutsurogikan. If shopping for souvenirs is on your list of things to do in Kanazawa ,then Kanazawa Station is the place to do it. There are also many places to eat in the station, but don’t let that keep you from exploring! You’ll find many delicious restaurants just a few minutes walk from the station as well! 

Best lunch spots near Kanazawa Station

No matter if you’re just arriving or departing from the station or stopping by for a little sightseeing, Kanazawa Station is a great area to find delicious local specialties and tasty Japanese favorites. We’ve rounded up our top picks for you, so be sure to consult our list before your stop by the station!

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Japanese “Omuraisu” and must-try parfaits


You won’t even have time to walk up an appetite if you choose Komachi as your lunch restaurant when you visit Kanazawa Station. Komachi is on Konohana Street which is less than a five minute stroll away. At Komachi they serve two gourmet specialities, “omuraisu” and parfait, that are a must-try while visiting Kanazawa city.

Omuraisu, or omelet rice, isn’t just your regular run-of-the-mill dish. It’s a  unique award-winning dish created by the Komachi chef you won’t find anywhere else. We also can’t resist ordering their show stopping parfait desserts that we go back for time and time again. When you want something sweet or a special treat, Komachi’s parfaits are perfect.

AddressK-2 West Building 2F,1 chome -5-35 Kitayasue, Kanazawa, Ishikawa 920-0022
Google Map
HoursMonday-Wednesday, Saturday
Lunch 11:00AM~4:00PM
Dinner 6:00AM~11:00PM
“Kaisen-don” almost too beautiful to eat


TILE isn’t just a regular lunch destination, it’s where you go in Kanazawa to have a lunchtime eating experience. While TILE occupies a hundred year old townhouse with a traditional nijiri entrance, inside the décor is modern and borders on the minimalistic. Getting into the restaurant has been modernized too. Before you arrive at TILE, you need to download an entry code from their website or you won’t be able to open the door!

At TILE they don’t serve ordinary kaisen-don, but a meal that’s uniquely different. Why is it uniquely different? Because you get to choose which of thirty different ingredients you want to accompany the red or white sushi rice that’s served in a cut-glass bowl. TILE truly is one of the best restaurants in Kanazawa to go to when you want to impress a lunch date. We’ve been many times and we’re still amazed every single time. The presentation itself is almost too beautiful to eat, often compared to opening up a jewelry box, but its the elegant taste of each bite will have you coming back again. 

Address4-18 Konohanamachi, Kanazawa, Ishikawa 920-0852
Google Map
HoursLunch 11:00AM~3:00PM
Dinner 5:00PM~10:00PM
Considered the soul food of Ishikawa

Hachiban Ramen

Who doesn’t love a bowl of ramen for lunch? We certainly can’t pass up a steaming bowl when offered! Especially if its a bowl from Hachiban Ramen, often considered the soul food of Ishikawa prefecture residents.

Hachiban Ramen is located on Flavor Lane, the food hall corridor of the Anto Shopping Mall, making it easy to access from the main Kanazawa Station area. It’s a popular stop for tourists, but you’ll often find a line of locals queued up as they can’t resist the aroma of the ramen served here.

The ramen noodles here are extra special as they’re made using water from the springs on sacred Mount Hakusan. The noodles come in four flavors, miso, salt, tonkotsu and butter, and can be topped with vegetables or meat of your choice. If you need an energy boost to help get you through an afternoon of shopping or sightseeing then Hachiban Ramen is the ideal place for a quick, but fortifying lunch.

 Hachiban Ramen
Address1-1-1 Kinoshinbomachi, Kanazawa, Ishikawa 920-0858
Google Map
Hours10:00AM~10:00PM (Last order 9:30PM)
Casual Italian dining, open morning to night

Campagne cucina & bar

Looking for a change of pace from Japanese food, or just craving a delicious slice of pizza?

Then be sure to stop our favorite casual Italian restaurant, Campagne cucina & bar. Campagne cucina & bar is also on Flavor Lane in the Anto Shopping Mall at Kanazawa Station, making access easy and quick.

At lunchtime, the Campagne Cucina & Bar serves scrumptious pizza and pasta dishes, albeit with a slight Japanese twist, but still oozing with plenty of melted cheese. They also have an all-day cafe menu which is great if you just want a quick midmorning coffee pick-me-up or an afternoon tea with a slice of cake or a pastry.

 Campagne cucina & bar
Address1-1 Anto, Kinoshimbomachi, Kanazawa, Ishikawa, 920-0858
Google Map
HoursSunday to Thursday
7:00AM~10:30PM (Last order 10:00PM)
Friday & Saturday
7:00AM~11:00PM (Last order 10:00PM)
Delicious and healthy "Bento" box lunches


If you’re tight on time and looking for something to-go while in Kanazawa Station, then be sure to stop by Suzume. Suzume is a store that offers not only a huge range of sweet and savory rice-based snacks, but healthy bento boxes too. They’re a great take-out option, which you can enjoy on the train, at a park, or back at your accommodation.

The rice used in the products offered by Suzume is grown in fields on the slopes of Mount Hakusan.  The top quality rice harvested here is perfect for the various rice treats found here. From rice cakes to crunchy rice snacks, you’re find everything from sweet to salty. They also make a great souvenir, for friends and family or even for yourself! They are so delectable, you’ll probably want to take several packets home with you.

Address1-1 Kanazawa Station Rinto, Kinoshimbomachi, Kanazawa, Ishikawa, 920-0858
Google Map
(Cafe open from 9:00AM~6PM)
Fresh and delicious "Kaisen-don"

Uogashi Syokudo

When you want a next level kaisen don lunch at Kanazawa Station then you should stop by Uogashi Syokudo. Uogashi Syokudo is located in the Rinto shopping mall and specializes in fresh and local Japanese seafood. It’s where we go when we want to have a good lunch that’s also healthy and tastes wonderful. As a bonus, the prices are extremely reasonable here.

At Uogashi Syokudo, they have a fair priced set menu which includes one of our favorite dishes. If you’re wondering what to order, try the “kamameshi”, which is seafood and rice steamed in a black iron pot. If you want to enjoy your seafood raw, then try the sashimi bowl here. They even offer tempura for the tempura fans! You’ll be delighted with whichever menu item you choose.

 Uogashi Syokudo
Address1-1 Kanazawa Station Rinto, Kinoshimbomachi, Kanazawa, Ishikawa, 920-0858
Google Map
Weekdays 11:00AM~3:00PM (Last order 2:30PM)
Weekends & Holidays 11:00AM~3:30PM (Last order 3:00PM)
4:30PM~9:00PM (Last order 8:15PM)
Local specialty, "Kanazawa Oden"


When you want to delve into what the cuisine of Kanazawa is all about, be sure to check out Kuroyuri. Kuroyuri is an eatery in the Anton shopping mall’s Flavor Lane that truly knows how to dish up Kanazawa Oden. It’s not just a favorite for visitors! When local Kanazawa residents queue up for a bite,  then you know it has to be good!

The oden broth, they’ve been serving at Kuroyuri for over seventy years is a Kanazawa wintertime favorite. Oden, a type of nabe hotpot dish popular throughout Japan, is perfect to warm up. And don’t think about going home and trying to replicate what you get served here. The secret stock they use has been developed over generations. Take our advice and enjoy the real thing while in Kanazawa Station, you won’t regret it.

AddressKanazawa 100Bangai Anto 1-1 Kinoshimbo-machi, Kanazawa, Ishikawa 920-0858
Google Map
Hours11:00AM~10:00PM (Last order 9:30PM)

Recommended Lunch Spots in and around Kanazawa Station

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