Is Japan Open for Travel? The Latest Updates on Japan’s Entry Requirements (2023).

This page will keep you updated with the latest news regarding Japan’s border restrictions. We’ll be updating this page every week on Monday (JST), or as the latest news comes in with information specifically for tourists looking to travel to Japan.*

1. What are the latest Japan Entry Requirements? Are there still COVID Restrictions in Japan?

No. Restrictions on entry into Japan have all been lifted. Beginning April 29th, 2023, travelers entering Japan are no longer required to provide proof of vaccine (vaccine certificate), or a negative COVID test. In addition, beginning from May 8th, 2023, COVID-19’s threat level will be downgraded and considered to be the same level as the influenza. 

Do I need to bring a proof of vaccination? NO.

❌ Travelers are no longer required to submit a proof of vaccination when entering Japan. 

Do I need to test negative for COVID-19? NO.
❌ Travelers will no longer need to provide a proof of a negative COVID-19 test when entering Japan. 

Photo by Manuel Cosentino on Unsplash

When did Japan lift its travel ban? Japan fully reopened its borders on October 11th, 2022. Independent travelers may now travel to Japan visa-free, and no travel restrictions will be enforced. The cap on the maximum number of daily visitors permitted to enter Japan was also lifted on October 11th, 2022. 

2. What is it like in Japan right now?

Traveling in the “new normal”. What does that mean for tourists coming into Japan, and what is the covid etiquette in Japan?

Do I still have to wear face masks?

Walking around Japan, you’ll notice that many people still wear masks in their everyday lives. Does this mean that you have to? Is it impolite to not wear masks?

Don’t worry! Even before a COVID-19 world, wearing face masks in public was very common. Masks are commonly worn all year around for various reasons, such as: if a person is sick, if someone wants to avoid becoming sick, during allergy season, etc.

At the moment, while you’ll still see many Japanese people wearing face masks, you’ll also see many Japanese people who aren’t. Most often, you’ll find that face masks are worn when using public transportation, those working in customer service positions (shops, restaurants, etc.), and more. 

Are hand sanitization & temperature checks still required?

As for hand sanitizers and temperature checks, you’ll perhaps notice the biggest change in airports and government buildings. Most hospitals and medical buildings will still ask that patients and visitors wear masks, disinfect, It is now up to each establishment to decide whether or not whether they would like to request customers to use hand sanitization & temperature checks before entering an establishment. 

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*All information provided on this page is gathered from official government releases, foreign visitor advisories, and news outlets. Please note that while we are working to provide you with the latest & most accurate news, we advise that you confirm all final information before making any travel plans. Official Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan website.

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