Looking for a place to enjoy delicious food and tasty drinks while soaking up the local atmosphere in Takayama city, Japan?

You’ve come to the right place! One of our favorite places to go to for a fun atmosphere and yummy food is Dekonaru Yokocho. It’s at the top of our things to do in Takayama, and after reading this article, you’ll be sure to add it to your Japan itinerary.

We’ll be introducing just what Dekonaru Yokocho is, how to get there, and some of our recommended stops while visiting down below!

What is Dekonaru Yokocho?

the entrance to Dekonaru Yokocho in Takayama city, Japan

Yokocho means alleyway in Japanese, but Dekonaru Yokocho isn’t a dark narrow alley you should avoid. Dekonaru Yokocho is a mini labyrinth of passageways lined with street food stalls, sake bars, and more. It’s lively and always buzzing with a unique atmosphere all of its own. If you’re looking for a good atmosphere and delicious food that even locals can’t get enough of, Dekonaru Yokocho is your stop!

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How to get to Dekonaru Yokocho and when to visit

Dekonaru Yokocho doesn’t start to come to life until after six in the evening which is when many of the small businesses there begin to open up. But there are some good reasons to head there earlier. Dekonaru Yokocho is just a ten minute walk from JR Takayama Station and so is within walking distance to many of Takayama’s sightseeing spots, including the Takayama Jinya and the Old Town.

The Sanmachi Historical Preserved Houses Area is less than a ten minute stroll from Dekonaru Yokocho. That’s a stroll we highly recommend you take as you have to cross the Kajibashi Bridge. It’s a scenic spot with beautiful views of the Miyagawa River that are perfect for a souvenir selfie of your time in Takayama, Japan. There are two unusual bronze statues on the bridge as well and they’re great for photos as well!

 Takayama Food Stall Village “Dekonaru Yokocho”
Address24 Asahimachi, Takayama, Gifu 506-0017
Google Maphttps://maps.app.goo.gl/aW5ArEA75PifcaHK9
AccessA 9 minute walk from JR Takayama Station

Our recommended stops in Dekonaru Yokocho

Part of the fun of Dekonaru Yokocho is wandering around and exploring to see what you can find. It’s full of surprises for the adventurous traveler.  If you’re unsure where to try first, or you’re tight on time, we’ve rounded up some of our recommended stops while visiting in Hida Takayama.

Sample local sake

Bar Lucca

Local sake BAR Lucca
Photo by Local sake BAR Lucca

When our guests ask us what to do in Takayama at night, our top recommendation is trying the local sake! Sake, or fermented rice wine, is Japan’s national drink. Globally, it is often referred to as Japanese sake, but the specific Japanese term is “Nihon-shu”. It is not as well known, but some of the best sake in Japan is brewed in Takayama. You can find experts in the local sake here at Bar Lucca. They stock a variety of Takayama sake and are only too happy to tell you all about them.

At Bar Lucca you can also have a tasting session of several different kinds of sake. Make sure to eat something while you are tasting though. Sake is a little stronger than wine made from grapes and can make you tipsy very quickly if you haven’t eaten!

Hida Beef Yakiniku Hormone Keburiya

Hida Beef Yakiniku Hormone Keburiya
Photo by Hida Beef Yakiniku Hormone Keburiya

A must try while in Hida Takayama is the local specialty, Hida Beef. When we’re in the mood for delicious Hida Beef, we head to Hida Beef Yakiniku Hormone Keburiya here at Dekonaru Yokocho. They specialize in this succulent meat, but what makes the eating experience here extra special is you cook your chosen meat yourself on a tabletop grill.

In case you’re curious or unsure what hormone is, hormone or horumon means offal. At Hida Beef Yakiniku Hormone Keburiya they have a good selection of, what they like to call, rare parts for you to try. Regardless of whether you prefer the more mainstream red meats or want to expand your tastebuds and try horumon. you’ll be pleased to know that Hida Beef Yakiniku Hormone Keburiya opens for lunch on the weekends.

Hida Takayama Gyoza Headquarters

Hida Takayama Gyoza Headquarter
Photo by Hida Takayama Gyoza Headquarter

Who can resist gyoza? The answer is no-one and you’re bound to want to drop into the Hida Takayama Gyoza Headquarters when you’re in Dekonaru Yokocho to have some. For us, it’s impossible to walk past the door of this restaurant without stopping. Then we walk around and go back for more. They are that good!

At Hida Takayama Gyoza Headquarters they only have four different types of gyoza dumplings on their menu. Our favorite is the grilled Hida beef gyoza which is flavored with tumeric. The Hida pork gyoza are also amazing and you can have them grilled, boiled or deep fried. Don’t worry if you don’t eat meat, they make a super vegetarian gyoza too that is out of this world!

Hida Takayama Gyoza Headquarter
Photo by Hida Takayama Gyoza Headquarter

Kushiage Nanban Fuku Yagami

Kushiage Nanban Fuku Yagami
Photo by Kushiage Nanban Fuku Yagami

Kushikatsu is a popular street food in Japan. If you haven’t tried the deep fried skewers of meat or vegetables before then Kushiage Nanban Fuku Yagami in Dekonaru Yokocho is a must-visit for you. At Kushiage Nanban Fuku Yagami they make a chicken cutlet skewer that is so tasty you’ll quickly be ordering a second portion.

At Kushiage Nanban Fuku Yagami, they also prepare many snack-sized dishes, complete with home made sauces. As you can imagine, it’s a popular place but it is counter service only so you may have to be patient and wait for a seat to become free. Believe us, it’ll be worth the wait.

Akazu Kyo

If you want to eat sushi and be entertained at the same time, Akazu Kyo is a must visit. Akazu Kyo has an open kitchen and the chef prepares the food right in front of you. It’s incredible to watch and see how much skill actually goes into making the dishes they serve.

At Akazu Kyo you can indulge in exquisitely prepared sashimi and nigiri sushi, but that’s not all you get. They strongly believe that cooking is entertainment, and have made that their motto here. Enjoy delicious sushi and seafood and wash it down with their recommended local sake.

Add Dekonaru Yokocho to your Japan Itinerary

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