Experience Kyoto cuisine & Japan’s food culture through our exclusive breakfasts

Whether you are craving a Western breakfast or Japanese breakfast in Kyoto, THE MACHIYA SHINSEN-EN hotel has the best breakfast in Kyoto. Our Western breakfast is made fresh every morning, and includes pastries from Kyoto’s famous local bakery, Shinshindo. Enjoy it together with our homemade soup of the day, yogurt, fresh green salad, fruits, and more.

If you’d like to have a taste of tradition, don’t forget to try our ‘Kyoto Traditional Machiya Bento’. Created in collaboration with Chef Horii of Kiyojirou, a traditional Japanese restaurant specializing in fine Kyoto Cuisine, this Japanese breakfast combines the culinary history of Japan together with seasonal Kyoto ingredients.

What is a ‘bento’?

Bento are portion meals packed in a “box”, which can be small enough for a single portion or big enough to share with a group. It can contain a variety of side dishes traditionally enjoyed with rice. The closest western equivalent would be the lunch box.

Today’s Soup
Bread & Pastries from a local Kyoto bakery, Shinshin-do
Margarine and Jam
Yogurt with Fruit Sauce
Seasonal Fruits
Fruit Juice
Freshly brewed coffee & tea ※Seasonal menu items may differ from what is listed above
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Kyoto Traditional
Kyoto-style Dashimaki Egg Omlette
Saikyo Miso-marinated Grilled Salmon
Nanohana Greens Dressed in Karashi Mustard
Fresh Namafu Chimaki Rice Cake
Simmered Seasonal Vegetables & Prawn
Fried Vegetable & Tofu Ganmodoki Fritter
Kyoto-grown Rice
Japanese Pickled Vegetables
Monaka Miso Soup or Osuimono Clear Soup ※Seasonal menu items may differ from what is listed above
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