Kanazawa City Accommodation Tax

Following a revision of accommodation tax regulations, the City of Kanazawa charges each guest an accommodation tax effective April 1, 2019. All guests who stay with MACHIYA INNS & HOTELS will be required to make the payment for the accommodation tax.
【Update】Beginning October 2024 (Reiwa 6), a revision to the Kanazawaa city accommodation tax system will introduce a tax exemption threshold of 5,000 yen. As a result, for stays which total to less than 5,000 yen (excluding tax) per person per night, the accommodation tax will be waived.

Kanazawa City Accommodation Tax

Accordingly, we will charge a separate accommodation tax based on your accommodation fee (service tax excluded) as determined by the Kanazawa City government:

Kanazawa City Accommodation Tax Rate

Accommodation Fee (Per Person/Per Night)Accommodation Tax Amount
Under 5,000 yenNo Accommodation Tax
5,000 yen ~ 20,000 yen200 yen
From 20,000 yen ~500 yen
(e.g.) Machiya House / 3 Guests / 1 Night

Total Accommodation fee for 1 Night = 30,000 yen

30,000 yen ÷ 3 Guests = 10,000 yen/per person (per night)
Accommodation Tax = 200 yen/per person

Total Accommodation Tax (3 Guests, 1 Night) = 600 yen

(e.g.) Machiya House / 2 Guests / 2 Nights

Total Accommodation fee for 2 Nights = 90,000 yen (45,000 yen/per night)

45,000 yen ÷ 2 Guests = 22,500 yen/per person (per night)
Accommodation Tax: 500 yen/per person

Total Accommodation Tax (2 Guests, 2 Night) = 2,000 yen

For more information, please check the link below from the Kanazawa City Government: Click Here (Japanese Only)

Please feel free to contact our staff at any time should you have any questions or concerns.

We thank you for your cooperation and understanding.


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