Live like a Local With more than fifty "machiya" (町家, traditional Japanese townhouses) spread throughout Kanazawa and Kyoto, choose to stay in the perfect machiya house to best fit your needs and travel plans. Machiya are traditional townhouses, typically two-story, which previously served as both residence and place of commerce for merchants and craftsmen.
When you stay with Machiya Residence Inn, you are able to rent out an entire traditional townhouse all to yourself. Each house has been carefully renovated to maintain the traditional design, while updated to meet the modern needs of our guests.
Experience life as a local, enjoy the abundance of attractions and sightseeing locations, discover beloved neighborhood restaurants, hidden specialty shops, and secret sightseeing spots surrounding your machiya house. Live like a local!

Machiya are traditional townhouses, typically two-story, which served as both residence and place of commerce for merchants and craftsmen.The symbolic architecture that defines the many traditional townscapes -- especially characteristic of Kyoto and Kanazawa -- has evolved over time and history to reflect the lifestyles, generations, and culture of life in Japan.


However, in recent years, the number of machiya have rapidly decreased due to demolition and reconstruction; a byproduct of urbanization. Once they are torn down, machiya are extremely difficult to rebuild under current Japanese building standard laws. This has made maintaining the beautiful and iconic townscape of the historic city of Kyoto and Kanazawa difficult.


Machiya Residence Inn is a self-catering accommodation, striving to preserve the beautiful history passed on from antiquity, while providing a way for you to enjoy the experience of staying in a tradition building. By analyzing the structure of aging machiya, and applying the appropriate modifications, we obtain a Hotel Business License (旅館業許可) to operate them as accommodation facilities. Through our goal of communicating the beauty of Japan's traditional culture to a greater audience, we continue to add more machiya-- boasting locations in Kyoto and Kanazawa.

A Place Just for You

The “machiya” (町家) is said to have originated as early as 794 AD, evolving over time and history to reflect the lifestyles, generations, and culture of Japan. Having been able to preserve its traditional townscape, Kyoto and Kanazawa’s machiya continue to captivate people's hearts today.
Each of our machiya houses are located centrally with convenient access to various transportation options, local neighborhoods, and sightseeing attractions -- providing you with the opportunity to immerse yourself within our cities.
Our machiya houses are ideal for any visitor of Japan -- whether you are traveling with friends, family, for business or for holiday, choose your machiya by location, craftsmanship, size, facilities, and more. Each machiya house offers a different style as well as unique history and individual story. From the “tsuboniwa” garden, to the design and architecture of the machiya itself, history has left a distinct and special mark on each machiya to showcase various sides of Japan for your enjoyment.

The luxury of a home away from home

t Machiya Residence Inn, you will be able to enjoy the machiya townhouses as you would your very own home. Your home away from home, you will find the privacy and comfort that allows yourself to indulge yourself in your own personal space.
From couples, families, to friends, our machiya can accommodate upwards of 4 to 10 guests. Each house is equipped to meet the needs of both short-term to long-term guests. A fully furnished kitchen, option of Western-style and Japanese-style bedding, washing-machine, amenities, internet access, and more. We also provide additional options of luggage delivery, kimono rental, and breakfast delivery for your convenience!*
Each machiya is also equipped with a staff phone which you can use to contact a member of the staff 7 days a week. For assistance or questions, our reception office, located near Kyoto Station, is also available from 10am to 9pm daily.
*Facilities and services may differ depending on the machiya house. Please contact our staff for more details and information.


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