Announcing the renewal opening of ‘Sumire-an’ Machiya House! This traditional Japanese house is located within walking distance of UNESCO World Heritage Site Nijo Castle, with easy access to the Arashiyama Bamboo Forest, historical Gion neighborhood, and more.

As you approach ‘Sumire-an’, you’ll be greeted by quintessential features of a classic Kyoto-style machiya house: wooden koshi lattice windows, kawara roof tiles, a mushikomado window, and more. Open the door to enter into a bright & airy atmosphere, and relax in a space that showcases both traditional & modern Japanese designs. With 2 bedrooms, a spacious Japanese-style living room, kitchen, bathroom, and garden, ‘Sumire-an’ can accommodate up to 6 guests, and is the perfect place to stay when traveling with family & friends.

If you have a larger group, you can also reserve the neighboring machiya house, ‘Akane-an’. ‘Akane-an’ Machiya House can accommodate up to 4 guests, for a total of 10 guests.



To celebrate the renewal opening of this Kyoto house, we’ve created a limited-time offer! Make a reservation now to receive 10% OFF your stay, as well as free luggage delivery on your check-in and check-out dates. 

Stay in a Traditional Japanese House (Vacation Rental)

'Sumire-an' machiya house

'Sumire-an' machiya holiday house (Kyoto, Japan)

Unlike a typical hotel that you may find in Kyoto, this machiya house is a private vacation rental, where an entire house can be rented by one group. What’s more, our machiya-style vacation rentals are renovated traditional Japanese homes. So if you’re looking for a unique stay to create memorable memories during your next trip to Kyoto, Japan, stay at ‘Sumire-an’ machiya house!

Traditional Living Room

Take the time to stretch out your legs at the ‘horigotatsu’ table (a low table with sunken flooring beneath, which makes sitting on the floor more comfortable) in the traditional iving room with tatami mats. Savor a cup of Japanese tea as you gaze out onto the garden here in this Kyoto house.

Relaxing Bathroom

Take a luxurious bath in a space enveloped by hinoki wood and sleek, black tiles. Feel rejuvenated by our signature bath amenities in soothing lavender and forest scents. Perfect after a long day of taking in the sights around Kyoto city!

Western-style Bedroom

You’ll be able to relax and get a good nights sleep in the Western bedroom of ‘Sumire-an’. This room features hardwood floors, dark wood beams and ‘shoji’ windows that allow for plenty of natural light. For your convenience, there is an additional sink & vanity space, where you can get ready for the day or to relax. There is also a toilet on the 2nd floor, in addition to the one on the 1st floor.

Classic Japanese-style Room

Make your stay in Kyoto, Japan a truly Japanese experience by sleeping on futon beds in this classic Japanese room with tatami mats and wooden beams stretching across the ceiling. When not using this room as a sleeping area, you can relax comfortably on the tatami mats.

Renovated Kitchen

Have the option to prepare light meals and snacks during your stay in Kyoto. Prepare your favorite meal with local ingredients at the fully equipped kitchen here at ‘Sumire-an’. We recommend stopping by the nearby local ‘shotengai’ shopping arcade (that has been around for more than 100 years), to pick up local delicacies to bring back to the machiya house.

This renovated kitchen includes an IH stovetop, refrigerator, microwave oven, kettle, pots/pans, cooking utensils, cutlery, and more. 

Optional Cooking Set: Oil, Salt, Pepper (Additional fees will apply)

A Short Walk from UNESCO Site Nijo Castle

Located in an area that offers easy access to some of Kyoto city’s most famous sightseeing attractions, ‘Sumire-an’ machiya house is just a short walk from from Nijo Castle, home to the powerful Tokugawa family shogun warriors roughly 150 years ago. Transportation is a breeze, as this Kyoto house is just a 5-min walk from ‘Nijojo-mae’ Subway Station, as well as a 3-min walk from the nearest bus stop. Take the subway to the historic Gion area of Kyoto, where you’ll find Kenninji Temple (the oldest Zen temple in Kyoto), long-established traditional restaurants, and many other historic temples and shrines in Gion. You can also easily visit the downtown Shijo-Kawaramachi area, where you can find find many local restaurants, cafes, and other stores.

Machiya House NameSumire-an
GuestsUp to 6 Guests
LocationKyoto, Japan

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